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Is your local paintball store still open? If they are not, than there is something wrong! I live in southern Ohio and have shopped at my local store multiple times in the past.

It was the summer of 2010.

I was the last of the school teachers to leave the campus and was about to go on a long drive.

I wanted to start a paintball club, but there was no one available to start one.

I got a call from a friend who had been on a paintballs shoot in a nearby city and wanted to know how to get a gun for the shoot.

I explained to him the rules.

He agreed and we set up shop in his car.

As soon as we got there, I told him, “I will paintball you in a gun.”

The first day, I got an email from the person who had called me.

It was his brother who wanted to paintball me.

He told me to put on the mask and wait for a friend to come and tell him where the paintball ball field was.

He was about 30 miles away, so we took turns shooting the paintballs.

The day after, we went to the paint ball field.

The first thing he said was, “This is my gun.

How do I get it?”

I told him that I would paintball him and he would be the first one to get it.

I told them he could paintball my family, but they would be able to get theirs.

We spent the next two days shooting.

We got three or four people to get our masks and take them out.

Then I went back and sprayed some paint.

He asked me how to put it on.

I told them to put the mask over my face and then spray the paint.

Then we went outside.

I got him to start shooting and he shot it off.

Then, we were on the field.

We were shooting each other.

I sprayed a little bit more paint and he sprayed a bit more.

I was the one who had sprayed a lot.

He didn’t know how much to do, so he started shooting a little more and then I sprayed more and I started shooting again.

Then I shot him.

I had to be careful not to hit his eye.

I couldn’t see anything because of the mask.

He said, “That’s not good.

That’s not a real gun.

It’s not safe.

We need to stop shooting.”

So we got him off the field, but I still felt the pressure from the pressure.

He said, “”This is not a good thing.

I’m going to paint your family with my gun.””

We shot the paint balls and he was like, “”If you want me to paint you, I’ll paint you.

I can paint you.

“We had a good time shooting.

He had fun with the gun and it was a good opportunity to paint paintball with people I know and people I don’t know.

We went to a tournament in India, and we went back to the city where we lived.

The next day, we had a few paintball matches, and I played paintball for the first time in my life.

When I got to paintballs, I was scared to death.

The people there were all new to the sport, and they didn’t have the same skills as me.

We also had to shoot at each other a lot because of my mask.

I used to try and keep the mask off because it would get dirty.

Then we had another match and we did well.

We won the tournament.

I went to my family and they were like, “Are you going to be good at paintball?”

I was like “No, I’m not.”

I don.

I’ve never even done paintballs before.

I still can’t paintball.

So I went home and I said, I am going to go to the airport and come back to paint, but not now.

My family and I were in shock.

When I got back to India, I had an appointment at the paint department.

When the appointment was over, I went in to the department.

They had a table and a table for me to sit on.

They told me, “Get your mask off.”

I asked, “What are you going do?

I’ve been playing paintballs for years.

Why are you putting me through all this?

“They said, [shakes head]: “It’s a paint gun.

“It was just the way I was.

I asked, “‘What are paint guns?’

“They said ‘The paintball guns.'”

So I got my mask off and walked to the table.

I saw a couple of people and started talking to them.

It felt good.

The paint was on, the paint was clear, and then my brother said, You are going to play paintball in this gun.

“I was scared.

I thought I would get shot.

I said to my brother, “Look, I know how you are, but you have to do it.

We can’t go to war

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