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Is your local paintball store still open? If they are not, than there is something wrong! I live in southern Ohio and have shopped at my local store multiple times in the past.

You can be banned from playing paintball if you are a sibling, cousin, or friend of a parent, sibling, or parent-in-law.

If you have an existing or recent history of being banned from paintball or any related activity, this is something you should be aware of.

If your family or friends have banned you from playing, this means you can be put on their radar and banned from all paintball events.

This is especially important if you have any history of serious problems with paintball and your family members are also involved.

Be sure to contact your family, friends, and other family members and let them know what you did to get banned from the event.

This will ensure that they will know that it’s not a one-time thing and they will be notified about it, as well as help prevent other family and/or friends from getting banned from their event.

If there are other paintballers in your area that are also banned, you may also want to get in touch with them and discuss what you could have done to avoid the ban.

Make sure that you take steps to prevent your family from being banned too, especially if you’re a minor.

Parents and siblings should also talk to each other and ask about how to handle things if they have concerns about you being banned.

They should not let their children or friends know that you are being banned or how you’re feeling.

If a family member has been banned from a paintball event and you don’t want to play with them, contact your local fire marshal or police department.

The best thing you can do if you feel like your paintball ban has been unfairly applied is to make a formal complaint.

You can find out more about how you can file a complaint by visiting or by calling

If the paintballer in question is not aware of how to file a report, the easiest way to do so is to call [email protected]

The website will send you a form that can be filled out and sent to the local fire department, police department, or federal government, to help with the investigation.

When filing a complaint, be sure to include as much detail as possible, including details of what happened, who was involved, and the date, time, and place the event was held.

This helps your family member understand why the paintballs were banned.

The process of filing a report is fairly simple.

Simply submit the form and send it in.

If we receive it, we will contact you and get back to you with a response.

Once we have received your complaint, we’ll review it and issue a response within two weeks.

You will also be notified if the paint ball ban is overturned.

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