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Is your local paintball store still open? If they are not, than there is something wrong! I live in southern Ohio and have shopped at my local store multiple times in the past.

Get yourself some equipment and get going!

In this article you will learn how to get your own paintball weapon and get started in the paintball world.

If you want to start playing, here are the steps to get started.


Purchase a weapon and learn how it works.

You can find all the paintballs in the game store. 

Buy a weapon, a paintball ball and learn to shoot it. 

Learn the ins and outs of how to use it.

 This will help you in learning the game.


Get to know the rules.

There are rules that apply to all paintballs and you need to learn them.

Learn them the hard way, in order to get better.


Get out there and start playing.

Make sure you wear your safety goggles and take your mask off.

Find some friends to practice with and get to know them. 


Learn the rules and regulations.

It is a good idea to take the paint ball out of the storage box, because it will be a bit of a learning experience.


Play and enjoy the game!

Get out there, get your paintballing gear, practice and learn the game for yourself!

For the best experience, get a friend to bring the paintgun to practice, and have them share it with you as you paint.

The best part about paintball is the friends you can make, and the people you can play with!

What to bring to a paint ball game: What to wear: How to play: Parking: Rackspace Park your paintgun in a storage box.

For best results, practice playing with your friends before the game and take it to your house.

What not to bring: Tires, helmets, gloves, masks, protective gear.

This is not a party event.

Do not bring any electronics or cameras.


Paintball is for adults only. 

What you need: A paintball launcher, paintball paintball tank, paintgun and some paint. 

The launcher is best used to get a paintballs into your paint ball. 

If you don’t have a paint gun, get the best paintballer’s equipment available, like the Paintball Pads and the paint tank. 

How long to paint: You can paint your paintballs up to 8 minutes. 

You should start out with a 1-minute time limit, and go longer if you are having trouble getting the paint to work. 

For the most fun, try out different colors, then add more as you progress. 

Where to play in Chesapeake? 

You will find a variety of locations for paintball. 

Find out where you can park, the paintpark regulations, and more. 

Are you playing at a friend’s house? 

If so, make sure they have a tank for the paintguns and a paint tank for you to take it out of. 

Get your friends and bring the tank out too. 

Do you want your friends to play with you? 

Bring the paint guns and paint tank together to play. 

Is there an area in the park you cannot get to? 

Do not let anyone get close to your paint guns or paint tanks. 

Does the paint range limit cover the paint balls? 

There is a paint range in Cheshire that will cover paintballs as long as it is legal. 

It will be best to go to the paint shop to get the most paintball equipment and equipment that you can use. Have fun! 

For more information on paintball go to

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