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Is your local paintball store still open? If they are not, than there is something wrong! I live in southern Ohio and have shopped at my local store multiple times in the past.

By now, most of you have heard of paintball. 

The game is a fun way to have fun in your own backyard and in your friends’ houses. 

Paintball Co-op has always been a game that’s been very accessible and accessible to a large portion of the world, but with the recent addition of paintballs and their popularity in other sports, that’s beginning to change. 

But before we dive into paintball CoCoCo 2, let’s discuss the basics. 

To play paintballCoCoCo, you will need to be an adult. 

That means you will not be able to play with children, or those under the age of 18. 

Also, it’s against the rules to have any type of weapon, even if it’s just a paintball stick. 

This is a very basic rule that is important to understand when purchasing paintball gear. 

You will need a CoCo2 tank (aka paintball) and an Insane paintballs tank (a paintball gun) in order to play paintballsCoCo. 

For more information on CoCo 2 and its availability, head over to the official website . 

I can’t wait to see you on the pitch!