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Is your local paintball store still open? If they are not, than there is something wrong! I live in southern Ohio and have shopped at my local store multiple times in the past.

There’s a lot to do in an hour at the pool.

You get to play pool with some friends, grab a beer, play some darts, do some poolside and take a dip.

If you’re like me, you’ve got a few games you want to play.

So how do you start your day?

There’s a new pool game you can try right now called Ion Paintball Gun.

In this short video, I talk with the creator of the Ion Paintball gun about what it’s like to go out and play a game that’s fast, easy, fun and takes only 10 minutes.

Read more What you need to know about ion paintballsRead moreThe Ion Paintballs gun has three different types of paintballs: blue, green and red.

Blue paintballs are used to spray paint on objects like walls, ceilings, furniture and furniture pieces.

Green paintballs can be used to make surfaces look more realistic.

Red paintballs will spray paint in different patterns.

Both blue and green paintballs work on a range of materials and are effective at protecting surfaces, including metal, glass, plastic and paper.

The Ion paintballs gun is made by an Australian company called iMagine.

It uses a small motor that fires a small, thin wire brush to paint a ball of paint on the surface of a target.

The paintball then goes through a battery of sensors that detect whether the target is a solid, liquid or gas.

After the paintball is painted, it has a time to recharge before it can fire again.

A new paintball comes out of the battery when it is no longer covered by the previous paintball.

When a new paintgun is fired, the ball will have a red stripe and then a green stripe that goes to the target.

A typical use of ion paint is to create a paint-proof environment for your next game.

I can tell you from experience that playing a game in the pool can be very draining on your body, so ion paint balls are perfect for a quick game that you can quickly fill up on a Sunday afternoon.

Ion paintball guns are also available at many other pools around Australia.

But I would suggest that if you want a little more variety, you could try playing one of the many other paintball games out there like darts or darts with friends or the poolside game that I’m talking about in this video.

You can read more about ion balls at


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