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Is your local paintball store still open? If they are not, than there is something wrong! I live in southern Ohio and have shopped at my local store multiple times in the past.

As a young woman in the 1960s and 1970s, I used to play paintball in Hollywood, California, where my first exposure to paintballs came in 1968 when I was an eighth grader in the Bronx.

Today, I still get to do it.

I used to spend most of my summers at my dad’s house, in a small house in a strip mall in the South Bronx.

The streets were very dangerous, and there was a lot of crime.

I would spend days and nights playing paintball with my friends, and in the winter we would go to the movies and go to different places to play.

The first time I ever used paintball was in 1972, when I played against my dad and my sister.

I was a freshman at the time and was playing in the pool with my sister and her boyfriend, but we were playing a real game.

My brother-in-law and I played a game called the “Paintball Game” in the park.

There were other kids playing, and my dad, who was in the military, was trying to get some people to come over.

They were all in their 50s, but the one guy who was 21 or 22 was my brother- in-law.

So, he came over and asked, “Can you come play with me?”

Theres a big group of us, and we all sat down on the floor and just started to play with each other.

We didnt know any of the rules.

Theres not a lot youve ever seen in paintball.

So theres just one rule for us and that was, you cant go over the edge.

The next day, I went over the board, and the board was about two feet off the ground.

The board was like a football.

Thats when I had to get my friend to go over to me and I took a deep breath, because thats what I did.

So I took my brother, and I just went over that board.

He went over it, and he fell on his back, and then my brother fell on him, and thats when my friend got up, and they all started playing.

It was amazing to me, because he wasnt really injured, he just hurt his back.

I cant remember why he did that, but he fell, and his back was hurting so bad that he cant walk.

That was my first time playing paintballs with other people.

It was a real thrill for me, and it helped me get my education.

My family didnt have enough money to pay for me to go to college.

Ive always been a very conscientious student, and after my dad got fired, I hadnt been able to pay my bills for a year.

I worked at a fast food restaurant, and every day I went there I would play paintballs.

At the same time, my mother was trying so hard to support us, so I wasnt able to go back to college, so she didnt have the money to go and play.

It didnt matter if I played paintballs or not, because I was always there.

When my mother died, I didnt have any money to help pay my rent.

I still go back and play paint, and im always on the lookout for new paintballs to try out.

I like to play against my friends.

I am always trying to improve, and thats why I am playing paint, because paintball is such a fun game.

I dont know why the game didnt catch on with the youth, but I think that is because it wasnt safe.

It isnt like the NFL or the NBA, where kids are allowed to play, and youre allowed to have a good time.

The paintball scene is really different from the other sports, because yourent allowed to use a real ball and have a real match, and everyone has to be able to play in it.

It is very different from football.

Youve got to be tough, and if you dont have the confidence to be in a match, youll lose.

When youre on the court, youre supposed to be playing paint.

The ball isnt supposed to go in your face, and its supposed to get you to the other end of the court.

I think paintball has evolved from the old days of basketball and football to something that is fun for everyone.

It has been fun to play and I think it will keep growing.

I play with a lot people, and i always feel like Ive made friends with people.

My dad and I play against each other a lot.

My brother-In-law, who is playing paint now, plays against me, too.

We play paint on a lot, and when I play paint with him, its so exciting.

Its a little like a game of chess, because it doesnt have rules.

We are just playing paint together. It gets us