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Is your local paintball store still open? If they are not, than there is something wrong! I live in southern Ohio and have shopped at my local store multiple times in the past.

A new paintingball league in the city that offers lessons in basic skills such as marking and timing is on the rise in Queens.

The Queens Paintball Association, known as RPA, has just opened a paintball field in Prospect Park and plans to add more fields in the coming weeks.

It is an idea that has been brewing for about a year.

And it’s all because of the new Paintball City ordinance, which requires all new paintball facilities to have a paintballs safety zone.

The paintballs rule is aimed at keeping people safe.

It has been adopted by several cities including New York, which was one of the first to make it mandatory for paintball equipment to have safety zones.

The Paintball Council of Queens says paintball is a fun and safe sport that brings people together.

But its not without its risks.

The RPA says that paintball injuries and deaths are increasing and there is a significant amount of misinformation out there about the sport.

The group says the Paintball Safety Zone helps paintballers protect themselves by creating a safe environment where they can do what they love.

“When you come to paintball, you’re going to do it in a safe way.

You’re going not going to put yourself in harm’s way,” said Mike Hagerty, executive director of the RPA.

In Queens, paintball training classes are held at the Rensselaer University Queens Community College and a free Paintball Park is planned in Prospect Heights.

The new paintballs zone will also allow the RPPA to expand.

We’ve got some amazing opportunities right here in Queens, Hagery said.

In other Queens news, paintballs were spotted in the streets at the new Queens Museum of Art.

We are not sure how they got there, but it is a huge thrill for us to be out there and seeing these amazing artworks being made,” RPA president Ryan Bales said.