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Is your local paintball store still open? If they are not, than there is something wrong! I live in southern Ohio and have shopped at my local store multiple times in the past.

Top 10 paintball players for 2016.

The year was an absolute blast.

I’m not a big paintball guy, but I have a lot of fun playing paintball with friends and families and getting to play with the guys I grew up watching.

The players that made it to the top of the list have done it all: They’re both accomplished and fun to be around.

These are the players who have been in the business for years, but now have a chance to finally have their name out there.

I’ll give you my top 10 for 2016:1.

Jason DeMarco (Cup)The first thing you need to know about Jason DeMarcus is that he has a big heart.

In a season that saw him win two tournaments, be named one of the best players in the world by ESPN, and play with some of the greatest players of all time, his dedication to winning is contagious.

DeMarco has been a big part of the Cup community for years and this year he won the tournament.2.

John “Jack” DeMarcoThe most talented player in the Cup, DeMarco’s performance at the Cup is no secret.

He’s an all-around performer, a top-flight player in his position, and a consummate professional.

He has made a name for himself at the cup by winning two tournaments in the past year and earning the top spot in the top-tier division of the sport.

He also won a gold medal in the inaugural U.S. National Championship tournament in 2017, and will go on to represent the United States at the U.N. Cup in 2020.3.

Kevin KellyThe only two-time world champion in the game, Kelly is the reigning Cup MVP and the only one of those three to have won the Cup since 2012.

His consistency and drive has been key for the Cup over the years, and he is always looking to make the most of every chance he gets.4.

James “K.J.”

Jones (Masters)Jones is the most accomplished player in this list, having won both the 2016 and 2017 Cup titles, and also a gold in the World Cup.

He was a three-time champion and one of only four players to win the World Series of Paintball in 2016.

He is a one-of-a-kind talent and deserves his spot in this top 10.5.

Michael “Mikey” LidstromThe 2016 Cup champion and 2015 Masters champion, Lidstrem’s skill level has been the subject of much speculation since he was announced as the best player in paintball in 2015.

The big man had been playing for a while, but he was just getting started.

He earned a silver medal at the Masters in 2015 and a bronze at the World Championships in 2016 and has been making waves ever since.

He won a silver at the 2017 World Cup and will be back for the 2020 U.L.C.E. tournament.6.

Jordan “JT” TinsleyJT is the only player in Paintball history to win both the Masters and World Cups in the same year.

He never got a chance, but his consistent play has been nothing short of amazing and helped lead the cup to a championship in 2016 for the first time since 2010.

He will be making his return for the 2019 U.P.C.-USA tournament, which is a major step in the right direction for the sport as a whole.7.

Tyler “The Boss” ThomasThe first-ever Masters-world champion, Thomas was a breakout star in the early days of the game.

He broke into the top five of the world in the late 1990s, and the man who won the U, P.E., and the Cup the last three times he competed in the tournament was there for every tournament he played.

Thomas won his first title in 2006, and has a long history of winning big tournaments, including three Masters titles, three P.T.C., and two titles at the USFL World Championships.8.

Johnathan “The Beast” HinesOne of the most successful and successful players in history, Hines was the first player in Cup history to capture two Masters titles and a third in 2004.

He became the first ever American to win a Masters title in 2007, and in 2012 he was a top 10 player in both the P.O.P., and U.T., and will likely be one of a few people to make it to that top 10 after winning the 2016 U.A.C.–WPL.9.

Jeffery “The Guy” RaganRagan is one of my favorite players to watch in paint.

He plays the game with a big personality, but when he wins, he’s got it.

He always seems to make plays in every game, and is a great player to watch on the court.

His ability to be consistent is an asset for any team,

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