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Is your local paintball store still open? If they are not, than there is something wrong! I live in southern Ohio and have shopped at my local store multiple times in the past.

Texas is hosting its biggest paintball event yet.

It will be open from June 30 through July 6, the Associated Press reports.

The tournament is being held in the state’s Capital City and will feature tournaments for adults, children and families.

There will be three separate tournaments: the National Paintball Championship (July 1-3), the Texas Paintball Invitational (July 5-7) and the National Tournament of Texas (July 8-11).

The tournaments are open to anyone 21 years old or older.

The tournament, which is scheduled to cost $25,000, is being organized by the Lone Star State Paintball Association, according to the AP.

The event is being hosted by the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Mavericks, the league said.

Here’s the full schedule:July 1: National Paintballs Championship(TEXAS)July 2: National Tournament for Texas(TX)July 3: National Championship for the National Championship(TX/AR)July 4: Lone Star Paintball Tournament (TX)August 3: Lone Stars National Paint Ball Championship(FLORIDA)August 5: LoneStars National Paint ball Invitational(FL)August 6: LoneStar Paintball National Tournament(FL/OK)August 7: Lone Lights National PaintBall Championship(OH)August 8: Lone Light Paintball World Championship(OK/TX)September 4: Big Blue Paintball Championships (FL/TN)September 5: Big Blues Paintball Nationals(TN) September 6: Big Red Paintball Nations (TX/KY)September 7: Big Smoke Paintball Nation (FL)September 8: Big Stars Paintball Federation (OH)September 9: Lone Smoky Paintball League (OK/WV)September 10: Lone Storm Paintball States (FL, GA, KY, NC)September 11: Lone Thunder Paintball State Championships(TN/KY/NC)September 12: Lone West Paintball Conference(TX, OK, GA)September 13: Lone Wolf Paintball Convention(TX and OK)September 14: Lone Sun Paintball Classic (FL)*(FL*-NM, NM)September 15: Lone Tootenatee Paintball Showcase(TN, VA)September 16: Lone Tornado Paintball Festival (TX)*(TX*-NV, NM, NM-TX) September 17: Lone World Paintball Event (TN)*(TX-NV)*(NM-TX)*September 18: Lone War Paintball Arena (TN)*(TN)*September 19: Lone Wild Paintball Expo (TX, VA, NC, NC-GA, SC)September 20: Lone Paws Paintball Fest (TX and NV)*(VA)*September 21: Lone Paintball Star Games (TN, GA)*(NV)*September 22: Lone Power Paintball Challenge (TN and NC)*(NC)*September 23: Lone Warrior Paintball Summit (TX-TN)**(TN*-NC)**September 24: Lone King Paintball Games (FL and NV)**(FL)*September 25: Lone Gun Paintball War Games (GA)*(GA)*September 26: Lone Fireball Paintball Shootout (FL*)September 27: Lone Slinger Paintball Party (FL)(FL)***FLSeptember 28: Lone River Paintball Gathering (FL *)*( FL*-TN)October 1: Lone Wars Paintball Invasion (FL-TN, TN)October 2: Lone Shockwave Paintball Cup (FL (TN))October 3: The Biggest Paintball Weekend in the Country (TX)-TEXARKANA (TX*)**Texas is hosting it’s biggest paintbong event yet

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