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Is your local paintball store still open? If they are not, than there is something wrong! I live in southern Ohio and have shopped at my local store multiple times in the past.

The new Planet Eclipse paintball tournament will kick off on October 8, 2017, but for now we’re only in the phase of the gameshow and not a live tournament.

The first game is already starting, and we’re excited to get this game going.

The tournament itself is an online tournament.

Players can choose to play in a single match, or participate in teams.

Planet Eclipse will be playing the same game format as last year’s Planet Eclipse World Cup, which featured 8 teams in eight events across eight cities.

We are also going to make some changes to the format.

First off, there will be no team deathmatch this year.

There will be two teams on each side, and if a player dies during the match, he will be replaced by another team.

In addition, teams will be seeded based on their performance in the previous season, so the higher a team’s rank, the more likely it is to make it into the finals.

There are no points awarded for a team winning the title of world champion, but teams are still allowed to win the title if they qualify for the finals with the highest points score of the other teams.

Players who don’t get to play the final game will still be able to participate in the next two seasons of Planet Eclipse.

What you need to know about the Planet Eclipse tournament: The tournament will take place on October 9, 2017.

Players will be able participate in a paintball game in four different locations around the world.

You can find all of the locations here .

Players can also participate in groups, but they won’t be able play together in teams because there will not be a point structure.

To find your team’s location, click on the map at the top right of the screen and you’ll see a list of locations.

Each location will show up in red on the Map of the World map.

There will be a countdown timer on the right side of the map.

Players have 24 hours to get to the location they want to play, and then the countdown timer will begin to count down.

If you don’t have 24 to spare, you can enter your team details and then click on “Start Game.”

Once a game begins, the timer will be displayed, and players will have one minute to start their match or the timer goes off.

If a player does not start their game within the first minute of the countdown, their match will end.

If you’re playing in a team, you have the option to choose between a single-game or a double-game.

If your team is playing in double-games, you’ll be able choose between the two games.

If the team is not playing in singles, the teams’ ranking in the overall rankings will determine which of the two teams gets to play.

The top team in the standings will take home the championship trophy.

On the other side of a team match, the person who is starting the match wins the match.

The person who starts the match loses.

The match will be recorded and played in the round of 16 if both teams are ranked higher than they should be.

Each player on a team will have a total of five seconds to play each round.

In the round, the players must move towards each other, and there are no time limits on moves.

Players cannot shoot each other during this time, and you cannot shoot from the opposite side of your own team.

Players must be within five feet of each other at all times, and each player can shoot any object he or she touches.

Once the round starts, a team with the most points wins.

In this round, each team must score 50 points.

Players with less points win the match and take home a trophy.

The winner of the match is determined by the amount of points scored by each team, and is announced immediately after the match begins.

Every player on each team can be replaced once in the match by another player.

Players are only allowed to be replaced during the round they are playing in.

The round ends when the first player who is not replaced wins.

When a player loses the match in a game, the match will restart and the winning team will win the championship.

For the latest on Planet Eclipse, follow the live coverage at, like our Facebook page, subscribe to Axios on YouTube, and follow us on Twitter.

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