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Is your local paintball store still open? If they are not, than there is something wrong! I live in southern Ohio and have shopped at my local store multiple times in the past.

Posted October 10, 2019 05:36:24 The story of paintball, a game that once seemed almost quaint and outmoded, has gone from the back of your mind to the top of the internet.

The sport has been around since the 1960s but has only recently become popular in Australia.

A decade ago, the sport was a niche hobby for a small group of people, and there were few competitions.

Now, paintball has grown to a global sport that is thriving and has a global audience of about 6 million.

Paintball has become a social event in some countries, with some events attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators, and the popularity of paintballs is being driven by the growing popularity of video games.

The popularity of the game has also seen the development of a new form of sporting activity: paintball paintball.

Paintball paintballs have been developed over the past decade by a number of players who have either been trained or are passionate about paintball and the sport.

While paintball was once a niche sport in Australia, it has become increasingly popular as people turn to it for their recreation.

Australia’s Paintball Federation has said that it is working with paintball manufacturers to help promote the game in other parts of the world.

This is in line with the Paintball Australia’s goal to attract more people to the sport, and to develop the sport further.

What is paintball?

A paintball is a miniature, or “giraffe”, gun, that fires paintballs.

Giraffes can shoot projectiles that are made from plastic pellets or metal rods.

“There is a huge amount of innovation and research being done into paintball as a sport, especially in Australia,” Paintball NSW CEO Chris Macke told ABC News.

“The big thing is that we want people to play the game and it has a whole range of different levels of intensity and control and it is a fun game.”

It has become one of the most popular games in the world, it’s become a global game and there are so many different ways that people can participate.

“Paintballs are made of polystyrene, a plastic-like material, and can be fired by attaching them to a small metal rod, or a “grip”.

Paintsphere owner Tim Lees said paintballs were developed by a group of “people with a passion for paintball”.”

It’s a new sport, new technologies, new ideas,” he said.

Mr Lees, a former Australian team leader, said paintball had become popular around the world in part due to the popularity and interest in video games, and because it was fun to be a paintball player.”

I have seen people coming into the studio and having fun,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

Some of the other people in the studio were really stoked to be able to have a paintbrush with them.

“Mr Leess said there were many benefits to being a paintphere, including having the chance to play in a paintgun, as well as a chance to win money.”

You get to have fun, and you have to be competitive and you can win a prize,” he explained.”

If you are a paintplayer, you are going to be in a team and you are definitely going to get to know the other team better.

“Permanent paintball facilities have also been developed in Melbourne and Perth, where paintpheres can be rented for up to two weeks.

Mr Le, who owns a paintkit business, also has a paint business in his garage.

He said he was interested in developing a paintstation, and said he would love to develop a permanent paintball facility.”

This will be a major part of my life for the next five years,” he added.”

That would be the most important thing.

“In some states, it is illegal to play paintball outside of a facility.

In the past, paintphes were banned in some areas because of safety concerns, and it was considered a sport of extreme aggression.

But in some states and territories, the game is now legal.

According to Paintball Australian, the rules have changed in some parts of Australia, and are changing more frequently.

If you’re looking for paintballs for your next paintball tournament, we have a collection of all the latest paintball equipment at

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