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Is your local paintball store still open? If they are not, than there is something wrong! I live in southern Ohio and have shopped at my local store multiple times in the past.

Texas is a state known for its great outdoors and great people, and its been hosting its own paintball tournaments for years.

Now, however, the state has decided to make it easier for its own people to play paintball at all.

The paintball tournament at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Service in Amarillo, Texas, has just been rebranded to the Texas Paintball Championship.

The name change is an effort to increase visibility of the tournament, which is sponsored by the state’s Parks and Conservation Department.

The department also says it wants to attract more paintball players to the state.

The Texas Paintballs Association says that more than half of the state is playing paintball and the tournament is growing.

Parks and Wildlife Services said in a statement that the paintball name change will help it attract more people to the event, but also help to promote the event as a safe, fun and fun event.

The state is also introducing an enhanced paintball course called “The Blackout,” where players will have a more challenging environment and will not be able to play on artificial turf.

The new name is a continuation of the history of Texas, the agency said.

The game has also become a popular pastime for children, and many of them now enjoy playing the game on the playground or in the house, said Travis W. Riggs, president of the Texas Rangers, the Texas baseball team.

Riggs also said the state would continue to sponsor the tournament and will hold it every year, regardless of the name change.

The move comes as Texas is gearing up for its annual spring festival, the “Texas Open.”

The festival will feature more than a dozen local bands and a large number of sporting events.

The event is scheduled to run from Tuesday to Sunday.

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Service says it is also hosting an all-day event at the National Parks and Botanical Garden in Austin.

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